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The listing of Metalworking Services shown on the website is not closed or exhaustive, we propose that other specialist companies wishing to be listed, who provide metalworking equipment or services in this area, are at liberty to make themselves known to the UKLA with a brief description of their service so that so that the list can be updated. The presence of a company on the services listing does not indicate endorsement by the UKLA or subsidiaries and we recommend suitability of any service or equipment needs to be established by the individual companies concerned.

Equipment Suppliers

Organisation Activity Website
Dimanco Dip Slide Manufacturer
Eclipse Magnetics Magnetic filtration systems
Eriez Coolant filtration and recycling
Filtermist Oil Mist collectors, Oil mist filters, dust collectors and LEV Testing
Freddy Industrial vacuums and coolant filtration systems
Hund Particle counting Air Quality
LOSMA Air filters and industrial coolant filters for machine tools
Nederman Dust mist and fume extraction
Purex Fume Extraction and LEV
Sofraper Mobile sump vacuums, industrial vacuum cleaners, bulk sump vacuum and fluid filtration
TSI Air quality assessment
Vokes Fuel and Lubricant filtration, oil mist elimination
Zebra Skimmers Oil Skimmers, Machine Coolant Management and Industrial Fluid Maintenance Systems and Equipment

Government Organisations

Organisation Activity Website
BSI British Standards Institute
CIA Chemical Industry Association
DEFRA Department for the Environment, Food and Rural Affairs
EA Environment Agency
HSE Health & Safety Executive
HSE Guidance Health & Safety Executive: Metalworking Fluids Guidance
ILMA Independent Lubricant Manufacturers Association (USA)
UEIL Independent Union of the European Lubricants Industry
MTA Manufacturing Technologies Association