Registered Lubricant Professional – CPD

Introducing Registered Lubricant Professional (RLP)

An individual designation for lubricant professionals 

Registered Lubricant Professional (RLP) is a professional designation demonstrating your commitment to the highest standards of practice in the lubricant sector.

The RLP scheme marks you out as an individual among your colleagues and peers who is committed to your own professional development and improving your own performance, your team’s and your organisation.

The RLP scheme  

The programme is a Continuous Professional Development (CPD) framework that allows you to tailor your own professional development programme based on your own development needs. It is flexible enough to work alongside your own performance management arrangements in your organisation and allows for a wide range of training, learning and professional development to be recognised for accreditation.

Under the programme you identify the areas you wish to focus on from the RLP categories and then undertake your own professional development which is logged against the scheme categories. Qualifying professional development includes attending training courses held inside or outside your organisation, accredited training such as the UKLA’s Certificate in Lubricant Competence, mentoring colleagues, research and attending recognised conferences. There is even a category for self-study if you are catching up on the latest sector trends from Lube magazine.

What do I need to do?

An individual will need to commit to undertaking and recording 35 hours of continuing professional development each year. This commitment to CPD is designed to maintain an individual’s knowledge, skills and capability of effective lubricant practice.

Initial designation will be awarded for a three year period following the successful completion of the CLC. After which an audit of 15% of those Registered Lubricant Professionals (RLPs) will be undertaken each year on a ‘call-in’ basis to ensure that the individual is maintaining their CPD and recording it.

Entry requirements

An individual  applying for the RLP scheme must have undertaken the UKLA Certificate in Lubricant Competence programme previously and be able to demonstrate their commitment to undertaking and recording 35 hours of Continuous Professional development each year.

 What types of Continuing Professional Development activities are recognised?

Registered Lubricant Professional Record Card 2022

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