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MWF PSG Benefits

MWF PSG logoAny company that currently uses metalworking fluids needs to be aware of the health, safety and environmental aspects of these fluids. From the protection of the workforce during use to the protection of the environment following disposal it is important to be continually aware of best practices that should be used to control these fluids. Members of the MWF Product Stewardship Group will be in the most favoured position to offer the most up to date information, advice and knowledge about their fluids. With access also to HSE, they will be aware of any impending legislation or restrictive activity. Most importantly of all, by adhering to the Group’s Code of Ethics, you know that you will be working with a company that puts health, safety and environmental issues at the forefront of its development and supply of these products. To find out if your supplier is a member of the PSG look for the Metalworking Fluid Product Stewardship Group logo on your supplier’s literature.

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