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The Specific Aims of the Metalworking Fluid Product Stewardship Group are:

1. For all members to work to a recognised Code of Ethics with respect to the development, manufacture and supply of metalworking fluids.

2. To liaise with Government Organisations such as the Health and Safety Executive to produce informative and educational material and to advise ‘best practices’ for the control and management of MWFs.

3. To establish a recognised centre of excellence for information relating to health, safety and the environmental aspects of MWFs.

4. To devise a programme of positive promotion to enhance the perception of MWFs with respect to technological improvements and engineering excellence.

5. To conduct a health and safety literature search of identified MWF components, both in the UK and the EU, with information readily accessible to all members.

6. To form a recognised, impartial information conduit between suppliers, end users, Government Organisations and UK and European Legislators.