Lubricants and Lubrication Engineering Introductory Awareness Day 2021

26th October 2021

An event EXCLUSIVELY for Arkwright Scholars interested in careers in engineering.

Engineers address issues concerning tribology on a daily basis. Overcoming complex problems using effective lubrication is the foundation of many careers in engineering. From chemical engineers to those managing large‐scale machining operations, lubrication affects the whole of the industrialised world.

Event Agenda

  • Learn about the origins of Lubricants including refining and exploration.
  • Assess different types of additives and their role in lubrication.
  • Explain the different Viscosity & Viscosity Classifications of lubricants.
  • Understand Automotive Lubricant Classifications including ACEA and API.
  • Learn about lubrication fundamentals including Tribology and wear mechanisms.
  • Explain the regulatory landscape impacting upon the sector.

Benefits to You

  • Learn about issues of tribology, lubricants and lubrication in engineering.
  • Gain practical knowledge of engineering issues from the experts.
  • Network with other Scholars
  • Visit one of the leading national bodies representing the lubricants sector.

Date: Tuesday 26th October 2021, 10.00am – 3.30pm.

Further details to follow.

Terms and Conditions