Metalworking Fluid Product Stewardship

MWF PSGThe UKLA MWF PSG was formed in the late 1990s and is a group of experts representing the manufacturers of metalworking fluids, suppliers of additives and preservatives used in metalworking fluids and representatives from the UK HSE, UK Government Health and Safety Laboratory and technical persons from other European bodies such as VSI.

The UKLA MWF PSG has a strong dialogue and shares knowledge with other closely related organisations such as UEIL (Independent Union of European Lubricants Industry) and ASTM.

The current environment within the European Union demands that the manufacturers and suppliers of metalworking fluids provide products that are both safe to use and ecologically acceptable. The potential exists for legislation and regulation to significantly affect the formulatory approach to these already complex products in the near future. As a result of these concerns, and in order to positively promote the technological advancements of this sector of the lubricants industry, the UKLA initiated and supports this UK based Metalworking Fluid Stewardship Group.

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