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    Would you like to Sponsor a UKLA event in 2018?

    Sponsoring a UKLA event gets your company name and logo seen at a range of high profile events in the UKLA calendar. These events are widely attended by key industry players from the UK, Europe and beyond and offer sponsors … Continue reading 

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    CLC Module 2 – Base Oil Types and Characteristics

    22nd March 2018

    Concentrating on the way refining and crude oil origin defines the characteristics and properties of the resulting base oil and their subsequent best use. Covering areas such as Pour Point, Volatility, Oxidation Stability and the advantages and disadvantages of base … Continue reading 

  • certificate-of-lubricant-competence

    CLC Module 3 – Basic Tribology

    26th April 2018

    This course module is designed to give a basic understanding of concepts such as ElastoHydroDynamic Lubrication, Boundary Lubrication and Extreme pressure conditions. This module also covers Anti-Wear, Fretting Corrosion and Tool Life in the context of the later course elements. … Continue reading 

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    Base Oils 2018 Seminar

    Monday 30th April 2018

    The Base Oils market continues to change. New performance standards in the automotive sector affects supply and demand, industrial and metalworking sectors are subject to changing regulatory requirements which continue to ensure a vibrant and diverse market for blenders, marketers and … Continue reading 

  • New online logo exec briefing 2018

    Executive Industry Overview

    2nd - 3rd May 2018

    A two day intensive briefing giving senior industry managers and leaders an overview of the fundamental areas of the Lubricants industry including exploration, refining, manufacture, marketing and regulation. Who Should Attend? Senior managers in the Lubricants Industry as well as … Continue reading 

  • Aston Martin

    Aston Martin Experience, Factory Tour and Networking Lunch

    Thursday 17th May 2018

    The day is held in two sessions and you can choose to join either the morning or the afternoon session. Places are limited to 20 for each session and will be run as follows: Factory Tour, Test Drive and networking … Continue reading 

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    CLC Module 4 – Lubricant Additives

    24th May 2018

    An explanation of the basic additives used in the various categories of lubricants, their chemistry at a simplistic level, their function and their performance in respect of the Tribology covered in the previous element. This should not only relate to … Continue reading 

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    CLC Module 5 – Automotive Lubricants

    28th June 2018

    An enormous topic covering not only engine oils for both gasoline and diesel engines, but transmission and hydraulic applications in addition. Following on from the additive module this session will highlight the application of the different additive chemistries, relating both … Continue reading 

  • UKLA Golf Day Winning Team

    UKLA Golf Day

    14th June 2018

    The 2018 UKLA Golf Day will once more be held at The Mere, Knutsford. Join us for the Annual Golf day where we welcome Golfers and non Golfers alike to use the excellent facilities at The Mere and to enjoy … Continue reading 

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    Introduction to Lubricants

    21st June 2018

    A one day foundation course on lubricants, tribology and the lubricant sector. If you are looking for an intensive, certificated course that will give you a complete overview of the lubricant sector in a single day, then Introduction to Lubricants … Continue reading 

  • certificate-of-lubricant-competence

    CLC Module 6 – Industrial Lubricants

    19th July 2018

    A comprehensive look at Hydraulic and Circulatory, Gear Oils, Open Gears, Slideway Oils etc. including particularly the importance of viscosity, and additive selection and relating strongly to both the Tribology and Additive elements. Basic guidance on selection of the correct … Continue reading 

  • certificate-of-lubricant-competence

    CLC Module 7 – Greases

    13th September 2018

    A science in itself, the use of grease, its different manufacturing considerations, additive types and the basic terminologies of Consistency, Penetration, Drop Point etc. are covered. Presented by Dr Julian Wilkinson, RS Clare and held at the Hilton Hotel, Leicester

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    UKLA Northern Lunch

    14th September 2018

    The 2018 Northern Lunch will be held at the Radisson Edwardian Blu at Manchester’s Free Trade Hall. Please contact the Secretariat for more details.

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    CLC Module 8 – Metalworking

    18th October 2018

    Metalworking Fluids have become an increasingly important part of the product portfolio of most lubricant companies. This element explores the basic differences in chemistry and application between neat and watermix fluids, explains emulsions and emulsifiers at a simplistic level, covers … Continue reading 

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    UKLA Annual Dinner 2018

    Wednesday 7th November 2018

    Please go to the UKLA Annual Dinner Page for more details

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    CLC Module 9 – Health, Safety and the Environment

    22nd November 2018

    This module covers the evolution of the Health and Safety of ingredients, risk assessment and a hands-on workshop to practice the technique. Risks from heavy metals, such as lead, together with the associated risks of using certain chemical components in … Continue reading 

  • certificate-of-lubricant-competence

    CLC Module 10 – 2018 Certification Session

    6th December 2018

    The final module includes a one and half-hour comprehensive examination, covering all the work covered in each module and an industry related final lecture, by a senior industry presenter. The day concludes with a formal presentation to students of the … Continue reading 

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    UKLA RAF Lunch 2019

    22nd March 2019

    The annual RAF Lunch will take place on the 22nd March 2019. The RAF Club 128 Piccadilly London for further details contact:

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