Online Courses in Online Marketing, Brand Building and Search Engine Optimisation

With many colleagues now remote working, UKLA has received a number of requests to run a series of online courses while people are away from their usual place of work.

This range of courses can support each individual’s professional development, help build new skills and capabilities, and ensure that the use of colleague’s time is spent in an efficient and effective manner whilst remote working.

Each of the courses is stand-alone and can be taken individually or collectively as a series. Each course is also being offered on a time-specific date in a live setting. They are not passive courses and have not been recorded. This allows you to actively engage with the course leader and exchange ideas and share experiences with other course attendees, in real-time.

The courses will cover B2C as well as B2B settings and the audience for these courses will be a mix of delegates from other companies and other sectors. Consequently the courses will not be tailored specifically to the lubricant sector or the industry within which we work but are intended to demonstrate best practice from other sectors that delegates can learn from, understand and take back to their own organisation to apply to their own sector or industry.

Further details can be found here